Mr. Paul Raja, a prominent Dayak leader from Malaysia, supports the development of the Ibu Kota Nusantara

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Mr. Paul Raja, a prominent Dayak leader from Malaysia (right), is dressed in a white-and-black striped traditional attire adorned with characteristic Dayak colors and motifs.

PATIH JAGA PATI  : Mr. Paul Raja, a prominent Dayak leader from Malaysia who serves as the President of the National Dayak Congress (NDC) in Sarawak, Malaysia, has voiced his unequivocal endorsement for the establishment of IKN in Borneo. 

Raja made this statement in response to a purported Dayak Commander condemning the development of the National Capital in East Kalimantan.

"As Dayaks, we consistently advocate for the government's adherence to its commitment to us as indigenous peoples. Our customary laws and traditions deserve the same level of respect as governmental authority.

Provided that the government upholds this commitment, the path forward becomes clear. The concerted efforts of the Majelis Adat Dayak Nasional (MADN) to assist in the implementation and realization of IKN should be met with reciprocal support, offering Dayaks avenues for economic empowerment.

Dayaks, like all other ethnic groups, wholeheartedly support development initiatives. What we seek is nothing more than equal opportunities, on par with other communities. Oftentimes, institutionalized discrimination acts as a barrier, hindering Dayaks from fully engaging in national development endeavors. Given equitable opportunities, Dayaks possess the capability to thrive just like any other ethnic group.

Hence, the collective aspiration of Dayaks across Borneo is that IKN will serve as a platform for them to meaningfully participate in its development."

Such is the statement from the esteemed Dayak leader, underscoring the significance of IKN in East Kalimantan.

-- Andersius Namsi