Google Updated the Algorithm, Bloggers Experience Drastic Income Drop

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PATIH JAGA PATI : Google has updated its algorithm, causing bloggers to experience a 50-80% decline in Adsense income.

To address this change, two literary figures and digital-era wordsmiths of the Dayak ethnicity, Alexander Mering and Masri Sareb Putra, met in Jakarta.

Google algorithm ppdate and Its Impact on bloggers

They discussed the significant impacts of the latest Google algorithm update. Both have long been immersed in the digital and literary world.

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Alexander Mering, known as the Dayak Webmaster and former blogger and "village journalist," met with Masri Sareb Putra, a Dayak content creator, digital media player, and national writer.

This meeting of two advocates and wordsmiths brought forth valuable perspectives. Despite their different backgrounds, they shared similar challenges related to the drastic drop in income from Google Adsense due to the recent algorithm update, attempting to find solutions.

Formulating Solutions in the Digital Media World

Concrete and strategic steps to face the Google algorithm update were discussed by Mering and Masri as owners of Adsense-based blogs and websites.

Alexander Mering, renowned for his resilience in the Dayak webmaster world, brought his unique experience as a "village journalist" to the discussion. He emphasized the importance of staying focused on quality content and providing added value to the audience.

"When the algorithm changes, authenticity and relevance of content remain key. Don't lose our roots as content creators," said Mering with confidence.

On the other hand, Masri Sareb Putra, a nationally recognized digital writer, highlighted income source diversification as a smart strategy in facing algorithm fluctuations.

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Masri, Mering, and Mardani: Responding and Formulating Solutions in the Digital Media World.

"Don't rely solely on one income source. Think broader, don't just depend on Google Adsense. There are many opportunities out there," advised Masri, reflecting on personal experiences.

The meeting not only discussed challenges but also generated creative ideas and practical solutions to help bloggers and website owners cope with unexpected changes in the digital world.

As respected figures in their community, Alexander Mering and Masri Sareb Putra provided valuable insights on how to face Google algorithm changes with a cool head and mature strategies.

Determination and promises from young bloggers

In the meeting attended by Matius Mardani, an enthusiastic young blogger, digital experts found concrete solutions to overcome the challenges posed by the Google algorithm update.

Mardani, known for his innovation courage, sparked a discussion that delved into a deep understanding of the laws of the digital world.

Alexander Mering, the respected Dayak webmaster figure, shared key findings related to patterns desired by Google. By carefully understanding the algorithm, Mering found ways to increase clicks from abroad, opening new opportunities to enhance income through the Google Adsense platform.

Experienced content creator Masri Sareb Putra contributed valuable insights into creating more engaging content for advertisers. By sharing his personal experiences, Masri provided insights into how high-quality content can "attract" ads, maintaining a positive balance between quality and monetization.

Meanwhile, with youthful enthusiasm and great curiosity, Matius Mardani discovered innovative ways to increase site traffic. Focused on creativity, Mardani proposed strategies to keep traffic flow high, bridging the gap between content, ads, and revenue.

Collectively, these digital media workers concluded that creativity and focus are key to facing Google algorithm changes.

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In a constantly changing digital world, they emphasized the importance of continuous innovation, understanding desired platform patterns, and maintaining the right balance between engaging content and monetization strategies.

This meeting provided inspiration for digital industry players to remain adaptive and proactive in the face of any changes that may occur in the digital world.

Drastic income drop for bloggers and AdSense-based sites

Google, the technology giant known for its search engine, recently made a significant update to its algorithm.

This update not only affected the ranking of websites in search results but also had a significant impact on the income of bloggers relying on the Google AdSense advertising program.

Bloggers worldwide reported a decline in their income ranging from 50 to 80% after the latest algorithm update. For example, before Google updated the algorithm, AdSense income of $100 decreased to only a quarter.

The drop in income from Google AdSense is profoundly felt, causing shock and concern.

Although Google did not specify the specific changes made in the algorithm, many bloggers stated that their income decline primarily occurred in ads placed through Google AdSense.

Google's algorithm update can affect various aspects, including the authorization process for programs like Google AdSense. This is not only related to content but also to technical aspects, such as refining the placement of sections, keywords, and navigation. How to ensure more content is indexed by Google, which will make a site rise in rankings and have the opportunity to get clicks and generate income – all of this involves a kind of "martial arts" and its own expertise!

Questions about the algorithm changes have arisen in the blogger community, with some expressing concerns about the long-term stability of their income.

Some bloggers even questioned Google's transparency in providing information about algorithm updates and their impact on their AdSense partners.

An official statement from Google has not been issued to date, leaving bloggers and website owners in uncertainty.

Digital industry experts state that this could be a signal for bloggers to diversify their income sources and increase efforts in SEO and content quality to stay competitive in this ever-changing environment.

This update shows that the digital industry continues to fluctuate, and stakeholders worldwide must remain vigilant to changes in the algorithms and policies of major technology companies like Google.

Statements and complaints from bloggers spread across the internet over the last three months have created a bitter picture of the impact of Google's algorithm updates.

Most bloggers reported a decrease in income from Google AdSense, creating a striking comparison with other professions, including parking attendants.

One blogger expressed disappointment, saying, "Blogger income from Google ads is much smaller than the income of parking attendants."

This statement highlights the income inequality perceived by content creators, who historically have relied on this advertising model.

Seeking alternatives

Other bloggers added that this situation forced them to seek alternatives, voicing concerns about the long-term stability of their income.

However, despite being hit, bloggers show their perseverance. In a narrative, a blogger stated,

"We continue to fight, hoping that someday, whenever that may be, there will be a review and improvement." 

This expression reflects the spirit of resilience in facing these unexpected challenges.

Opportunities behind challenges and changes

While some bloggers express dissatisfaction with Google's algorithm changes, others see it as an opportunity to reflect on their original goals. A suggestion emerged from bloggers recommending a return to the roots, focusing solely on content without thinking too much about monetization and starting to consider income from other fields.

This situation raises profound questions about dependence on large platforms like Google and underscores the need to diversify income sources in the digital world.

Bloggers, in the face of profound changes, may have to return to the essence of high-quality content while remaining open to new opportunities to generate income.

Creatively finding solutions behind obstacles

Google's algorithm updates can affect various aspects, including the authorization process for programs like Google AdSense. This is not only related to content but also to technical aspects, such as refining the placement of sections, keywords, and navigation. How to ensure more content is indexed by Google, which will make a site rise in rankings and have the opportunity to get clicks and generate income – all of this involves a kind of "martial arts" and its own expertise!

The Google algorithm continues to evolve to improve the quality of search results and address potential misuse. If there are changes in how Google evaluates and authorizes websites for AdSense, it can create new challenges for some publishers.

In some cases, there may be sites that quickly gain authorization because they meet certain criteria desired by the latest algorithm.

However, it's essential to note that Google continues to strive to improve artificial intelligence and their evaluation processes, so what works today may not be applicable tomorrow.

It's crucial to understand that quick steps to get authorization don't always mean that the site complies correctly with Google guidelines.

Some publishers may attempt to exploit loopholes or avoid rules to quickly get authorization, but this can pose long-term risks if Google later detects violations.

Understanding Google's rules

Digital media workers and website publishers should focus on high-quality content, comply with Google guidelines, and build sites that provide added value to users.

By adhering to the rules and focusing on long-term sustainability, publishers have a better chance of maintaining income sustainability through programs like Google AdSense.

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